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The Center for Legal Aid and Justice is looking for a Technology Manager (TM) to join our team in Charlottesville, Virginia, and take on a full-time position on our Technology Management Team (TMT).

This newly created position will be based at our offices in Charlottesville and Richmond and will report to the Director of Finance and Operations. This position serves as a liaison between the Foundation for Legal Aid and Justice and the Virginia Department of Justice (DJ) and will work closely with our leadership team to identify and maximize grants that advance our mission. The Deputy Director of Legal Affairs will take over the leadership, strategic supervision and supervision of LAJC. In collaboration with the Executive Director, she will help define and implement LA JC's strategic vision and work with us to advance the Center's mission of achieving economic, racial and social justice in the state and beyond, and to advance our efforts to achieve economic and racial / social justice in each of our states. It will be an integral part of the strategy and strategy development of the Organisation for Legal Assistance and Justice and will report to our Director of Development.

Scope reports and analyses can cover multiple clinical departments of UPG and may require the consolidation of data across multiple systems, including data collection, analysis, reporting and analysis of data from multiple databases and / or systems.

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They have the ability to shape the patient and customer experience and make every interaction stand out. As a member of the team, you achieve these goals and contribute to something big that affects patients "lives.